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Procurement Project Request Information
Please use this form if your request qualifies as one of the following:
  • Supplier has something that they want the University to sign.
  • The supplier will touch any data or the University systems.
  • The spend on the commodity (goods, services, or both) might exceed $100k in a year
  • Is a service (not tangible goods), is $10k or more, and has not already been formally bid and on a UCOP or a UC Berkeley contract.  Planned Maintenance projects that have been informally bid by the Project and Design Services team are exempt.

More time is usually better leverage for negotiating.  Typically results in contracts with less risk and less cost. 

If is not in one of these categories, the request can be submitted through a blucard request or a purchase order request.

If a department is not sure whether it is in one of these categories, staff can reach out directly to their senior buyer.

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Procurement Information

Note: Please do not use this form to order food, make an event related purchase, or any travel related purchases (flights, hotels, etc).

  • To order food, make an event related purchase, or book an event please go to the Berkeley Event Services website or fill out this Event Request form.
  • To book travel please visit the Travel Desk website or visit ConnexUC for self service travel options for flights, car rentals, and hotels. For more information about self service travel options please see the Travel FAQ.

If this is a bulk purchase to be shipped to multiple addresses please fill out this Bulk Purchase Form and then paste the link into the Business Purpose field below.

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By submitting this form, I understand that my supervisor and/or AVC may be contacted to prioritize the unit's request.
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